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How to screen share with iOS and macOS to help friends and family with new devices

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Over that last month your friends and family have probably purchased or been gifted a range of new devices, and odds may be good that you’re the go-to for tech support. Sometimes it works to problem solve by voice or text message when you aren’t with the user in need, but it’s often better to see what they’re seeing and also have some remote control access. Keep reading after the break for three ways to remotely help others more efficiently.


The cleanest way to see and even control another persons device (outside of paid software like logmein) is if they have a Mac. For options two and three we’ll walk through how to screen share with Macs, iPhones, iPads, and iPods without any third-party software. My favorite trick is using QuickTime on a Mac to screen share an iOS device (skip towards the bottom if you want to do this). However, if they only have iOS devices this first option may be obvious, but is still useful.


Instead of struggling through a phone call, I often forget to have the other person take a FaceTime call on a secondary iOS device, and point it towards the device they are struggling with. Even though this doesn’t provide the ability to control their device, it still helps you see more quickly what is going wrong.

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