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How to save your parking spot with Google Maps for iPhone and iPad

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The latest Google Maps update helps you remember where you parked!

We've all been to busy shopping malls, and we've all walked out after an intense shopping trip only to realize that we left through a different door than we came in, and we have no idea where our car is. Google Maps now helps you out by letting you save your parking spot.

Here's how!

How to save your parking spot in Google Maps

You'll just need to make sure Location Services are enabled before proceeding.

Launch Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad (though why you're lugging around an iPad when you're out, I don't know).Tap the blue location dot that denotes your location.

Tap Set as parking location. A little white 'P' in a white circle will appear on the map beneath your blue location dot.

That's it. Google Maps will save that spot for 12 hours, and you'll be able to tap it at the bottom of the Google Maps window to bring it up and view or add a photo of the spot.

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