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David Camp has mostly moved his work from an old MacBook Pro that’s failing to a new one. However, he still has some files on the old machine that he’s also backed up via Time Machine to a Time Capsule.

The old machine is definitely showing signs of impending death, so I’m wondering if I can move its files onto my new machine via the Time Machine backup. I’d like to do this without creating a separate partition on the newer Mac. I just want to access some of the data on the old one.

You have to create account, but not a new partition, to do a partial migration. You can then transfer those files into your main user account.

On the new Mac, launch Migration Assistant and follow instructions to restore the old Mac from the Time Capsule backup.When prompted at the Select the Information to Transfer stage what you want to bring over, uncheck everything but the user account that has your documents. You can even click the expand triangle next to the account name and omit Music, Pictures, and other folders.Wait for the copying to finish, which creates a new account with the migrated items.Select the contents of the Documents and other folders in the new users account, and move them into your main account’s folders. (The article continues...)

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