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How to make an emergency call on a locked iPhone

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You can make a phone call from a locked iPhone without a passcode or Touch ID.

If you are ever in a dire situation and the only iPhone in the area is one that is locked, and you don't know how to unlock it, you can still make a call with it. You can't make a call to your friend, but you can call emergency services.

The feature is available on the Lock screen of every iPhone. When you press the Home button to trigger the passcode screen, you can bypass the lock for two purposes: making an emergency call and accessing someone's Medical ID information. Bookmark this page. It may just save someone's life someday.

How to make an emergency phone call without unlocking it

If you don't have access to your own iPhone and there is a working one nearby, but its owner is unable to unlock it, you can still call emergency services.

Press the Home button on the iPhone to trigger the passcode screen.Tap Emergency in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Call emergency services in your area.

Note: You can only call emergency services like 911, 999, or 180. It will not allow you to call a private number.

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