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How to disable word predictions on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Featured

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By Josh Levenson Monday, February 20, 2017, 01:50 pm PT (04:50 pm ET)

Students who own Apple's new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar may not be able to use its dynamic function row in public examinations as industry officials believe its integrated predictive text feature and other capabilities could give them an unfair advantage. Here's how to disable it.

In January, it was revealed that a number of U.S. states had banned the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar from being used by students taking Bar examinations as the predictive text feature could be misused to stimulate different trains of thought, thus comprising integrity.

However, many states have since announced that they will allow the device to be taken into testing facilities providing they comply with one restriction —word predictions must be disabled at all times. And today we're showing the quickest and easiest way to turn them off.

First, you're going to need to open System Preferences. Either navigate to it in the Apple menu, or hit Command+Space, type "System Preferences" then tap Enter.

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