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Deva Seyon has a quandary about Top Sites in Safari for macOS:

When viewing the “top sites” grid, it can be either a website “picture” of the webpage or the standard icon of the website. How is it done? I can’t find how to change it.

This puzzled me, as while I don’t use Top Sites regularly—a page that shows your 6, 12, or 24 most frequently visited sites—I recalled this icon view, too. It turns out both Deva and I are conflating two separate, but similar features in Safari.


The Top Sites view in Safari shows thumbnails.

If you click the grid of dots in the upper-left corner of Safari, the app brings up the Top Sites page. (You can customize whether 6, 12, or 24 icons are shown via Safari > Preferences. You can also hover over a page thumbnail, and an X and pushpin icon appear in its upper left. Click the X to remove the item from appearing in Top Sites; click the pushpin to make it always appear.)

But there’s no option to view icons. For that, click in Safari’s Location bar. After a moment, a drop-down display appears populated with icons.

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