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Should you keep using an old Time Capsule to rotate for off-site storage?

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Dawn Gwin asked:

I replaced my seven-year-old Time Capsule with a new one last week. Can I erase the old one and connect it by ethernet occasionally to serve as a second backup kept off premises? Or would I be better off with just a flash drive for important files?

The networked Time Capsule base station/backup combo doesn’t have a great track record for long-term survival. I’m surprised it’s lasted seven years, and you might not want to push your luck with it. At a minimum, you’d want to wipe its network settings so that it doesn’t confuse your existing devices into which base station is which. Then you can just plug it in as needed.

A better solution for a secondary backup you can rotate out is a portable hard drive connected either to a Mac on the network or a Wi-Fi router from someone other than Apple that supports USB 3.0 drive connections and is Time Machine compatible. You can get terabytes of storage in a portable hard drive format with a USB 3.0 connection for relatively little: a Western Digital portable USB 3.0 drive runs from $60 for 1TB to $120 for 4TB. NetGear’s AC1750 (model R6400) shares USB drives in a way that works with Time Machine.

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