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How to manage multiple family members' media within a single Photos library

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Heather Dowdee would like to see less of her daughter—her daughter’s selfies, at least. She and four other people in her family share a single Mac to which everyone uploads their media. That copy of Photos has iCloud Photo Library enabled, syncing and backing everything up.

She writes:

The iPhones all have separate names, and in iTunes they all are separate entities. But Photos just puts all the photos together. Now we’re up to 60,000 photos and when I look at my library, I don’t want to see all my teenage daughter’s headshots.

We tried separate Photos libraries, but it just took a few mistakes—not logging out of one—and our libraries were a mess.

You’ve already tried one of the most obvious ways to deal with it, which is creating separate Photos libraries and selecting them on launch. With five people, that’s obviously both a pain and didn’t work.

You could set up separate macOS logins so that each family members logged into their own Mac account, which was then associated with a separate iCloud account and thus a separate iCloud Photo Library. That can wind up adding a few dollars a month in cost to have enough storage for each account.

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