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Lock the lock screen out of revealing secrets and listening to Siri Featured

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A Twitter user recounted a familiar story of a lost iPhone that resonated with a lot of people just a few days ago. The person behind @afronomics_ said she found another woman’s phone in the bathroom. She noted,

I asked Siri what’s my name. It pulled up her info. Cool. I asked Siri who do I call most. Pulled up her recent calls. Cool.

The whole thread is good reading. (The account owner uses colorful language and may be inappropriate to peruse at a workplace.)

I tested the list of things she noted, and I had slightly different results, but no less concerning. Siri required that I unlock my phone when I asked, “Where do I live?” but when I said, “Directions to my home,” iOS provided those without a beat. When I asked my wife’s and kids’ names, I was told to unlock, but my most recent call came up without reservation, as well as telling me my name when I asked.

I hadn’t recently noted where I parked my car, but apparently that’s within the purview of results too. And that’s before swiping down to see the Today view and notifications, which I have enabled on the lock screen.

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